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tv   [untitled]    July 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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if you move from phones to christian. stunts on t.v. don't come. death toll from devastating floods in the south of russia has topped one hundred seventy thousands of homes have been washed away and many people injured as the resort region faces its worst natural disaster in living memory. as america lashes out at russia and china for the continuing violence in syria the un's on voyage to the troubled country draws attention to other states and that are fanning the flames of civil war with arms and cabbage. and suspense and the ecuadorian embassy in london as julian assange just extradition deadline passes while his wiki leaks website starts to release the so-called syrian files.
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and broadcasting live twenty four hours a day from our studios in central moscow recapping the week's top stories this is the week we have you with us. devastating floods leave one hundred seventy one people dead and many more injured in a popular southern russian resort area residents woke up to find themselves in a nightmare as the disaster hit overnight on friday thousands of houses have been washed away while officials say as many as twenty thousand people could have been affected by the flood archies tom barton is in the town of crimps which has been hit the hardest he spoke to some of the survivors of the tragedy. you can see here behind me the river next to the town of crims all the devry that's been flooded into that by that deluge of water that came into the night here we can see just a little pot of the damage that that immense amount of water did. this small house
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close to the river one of the worst hit one of the first hit it pushed this carriage down with ease up against the side of the house the struts there have been pushed out all this debris thrown into the front garden the fence has been pushed down and all around this town the first people are starting to come back to their houses to try and assess some of the damage and some of the costs of all of this water many of them really in a state of shock they may have survived that night but the cost to this town and all the damage are immense but my cousin woke me up at around one am until this to get out we found ourselves kneedeep in water i jumped out of the window while my wife went back to get our papers she did not get a chance so i had to run to the back of the house by then the doors of the room will blocked so i broke the window and pulled her out the water was all over the house. i go to the house and come to the thing so the stream wouldn't wash me away
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then too late to maine came up and helped me on to an emergency truck and a senior so i got up there i saw my neighbors brief collapse particularly this used to be movement is nothing real this used to be her bedroom the house has been completely gutted from the inside by the router which came right up to the tops of the windows with miller managed to escape and sat there and right on a neighbor's fence where house collapsed she was perhaps a mockingbird know his neighbors say just down the road a neighbor on a room in the house collapsed on top of thousands of workers with heavy equipment trying to clean up the fast amounts of deborah and to provide people with shelter and with food but things are becoming more difficult as time wears on food supplies are short people here are exhausted they are hungry and increasingly they're angry
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. russian president vladimir putin flew over the area and is calm and met local leaders to try and decide what should be done to help people here as best possible and he's demanded an inquiry looking into if there could have been moved things that could have been done to help protect this town and its citizens and the region from the floods the swept through here and floods that have claimed so many lives the region affected by the deadly floods is a popular tourist destination with thousands heading there during the holiday season but with travel and communications paralyzed in the area people are growing desperate to find out news about relatives and loved ones parties care and terror reports. i'm here in moscow standing in front of one of the major transportation halts this train station behind me are where the trains depart to head into and we've been seeing cancellations and delays but more importantly it's the families
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who are suffering families of those people who are still stranded in cross and they can't even reach them let alone not by train but even by telephone a lot of the electricity is still out over there and so you really can't make any sort of phone calls to find out what's going on there on the ground so a lot of fear a lot of concern but you also have children in summer camps it's a very popular spot for children to relax throughout the summer and while most of the children in these camps have been evacuated still many are unaccounted for and parents here telling me today that they just want to find out if everything is alright keep in mind now cross the god that is right by all the right on the black sea and the main port is also dealing with the runoff of houses and dead bodies as well as even a sewage leak so on top of the catastrophe that's going on you have people in the area who can't even get fresh water or food so a very major situation going on right now and it's affecting not only the people
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there but people throughout russia as well archies care in turkey reporting for us there no discussion of the floods is dominating russia's blogosphere online users are expressing their condolences as well as searching for someone to blame for the disaster or to use to bang both or take a look at some of the more controversial comments. the blogs years have been buzzing obviously giving support and also reiterating the shock of this disaster more importantly sharing some of the witness accounts and just sending support to the people who have been affected by this you know social media is a place where people can share their thoughts they can debate about things that is important to them but what i really want to share with you is some of the tweets and some of the messages that really shocked me and i want to start off with this tweet that we got now it says those did should blame themselves they voted for this stability now as any human being with any hard do you think how callous can somebody why that and tweeted to the rest of the world this is
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a tragedy that's happening we should be supporting these people who have been affected by such they've lost their livelihoods some have lost their you know their families they need support now i just want to go to another tweet here this is some of the political jabs that some people have been using twitter and some other social medias to politicize things it goes the most important thing now is to make sure putin doesn't fly a fire extinguishing aircraft as he normally does and discharge more water on the city now seriously i mean this is a time when people should be coming together it's not time for politics it's time for people to rally and go help those people thirteen thousand of those people are going to be displaced after this tragedy it's really just a political jab now last week which i think is the most important this is what people should really and this is what people have been pushing towards is this tweet that goes flying all of two crimps guy urge everyone to forget about the political views and help the people that's really what's important now. professor
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chris williams from new york's pace university says the flooding could be just one of the more dire consequences of climate change. well i think scientists generally would be very wary of describing any individual weather events no matter how extreme to definitively to get global warming but i think you can certainly say that if you look at the massive flooding here or the wildfires in siberia or the fires across the southwest united states the flooding in the midwest last year or the fires around moscow in two thousand and ten there's a pattern side to develop whereby you can say that things to extreme weather events that were maybe only happen every decade or two every twenty years and now it's going to happen with increasing frequency so you're getting every two to five years around ten thousand emergency workers are operating in the disaster zone searching for survivors of the devastation artie's dennis blasko joined some of the rescue
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teams we were told the emergency ministry units just got a call from this neighborhood saying that people heard loud screaming during the floods and actually right now emergency ministry group with surge dogs they're trying to find the survivors. as you can see right over there. rescue teams always do a thorough examination of every meter of the debris site that may still be oxygen under the debris so there is hope that there could still be survivors trapped underneath. sadly emergency workers did not find any survivors this time but they went on with their work with spoke to the couple who called them and they are still in shock at what was happening to them. that's where the water level was at its peak at first the waist high flood through me right into the corner over there
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luckily i managed to grab a rope that was tied then i called up and over the railing and got inside the house and then i just climbed the ladder. there are many theories and rumors surrounding the disaster some people doubt that the flood was caused by severe tarantula rain alone they claim that it could have been water discharged from the nearby reservoir but russian investigators working at the scene deny those claims they say all surrounding them are intact and they were functioning properly. in this particular case. some of the flooding during the rains that accumulated a huge amount of water any kind of deliberate will to discharge is technically impossible as an overflow pipe to release excess water in safe quantities. so the search for survivors here and claims continues and there is still hope that more lives will be saved. me. who is an engineer of hydro power system says
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dams are usually constructed so that discharged waters pose no threat to nearby residential areas certainly it was critical if it still provides it is judged not close i mean it damages the city is that it was it will flow. only persuaded you to make such kind of dishwasher for the eaves for eighty or come always the top of the dam it's run or close it's. controlled by the photos from the to leave and exit in throughout the course of there by the condition so far say reza condition. in any case it's going to be close to birth or work again. our correspondent dennis blocky continues to bring us up to date via his twitter stream and his latest tweet he says a group of local residents have inspected the nearby reservoir by helicopter and concluded the rumors about water being deliberately released from it are baseless you can keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments see the scenes of
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devastation read the stories of survivors and get the latest reaction all on our team's twitter channels. the timeline of the tragedy as well as all of the latest news footage and photos from the disaster zone are always available for you want our website our team dot com. there we have stories of an outstanding bravery and heroism from the flooded areas one policeman has died rescuing local people there he managed to save two children before his boat was overturned log on to our to dot com for all of the details. vote counting is underway in libya after the country held its first post khadafi election on saturday early reports suggested that the party led by the interim prime minister is in the lead but the vote was marred by militia violence attacks on polling stations and boycotts. and eye witness of the anti-god off the uprising says the election had little to do with actual democracy . democracy at point you can watch libya now if you
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visit libya and see the weapons all over a country militia controlling this. country you cannot look to freely in this atmosphere how can i go to the election knowing that there is a gun on my head telling me words to go and who i should elect you cannot kill your own people in the name of democracy you cannot displace nearly one and a half million live in egypt and tunisia and other parts of the world. and nearly thirty thousand of prisoners in prison being tortured and being killed they call good dictator because if you break refuse the regime that was before you get their feet you may get. be taken to brazil now if you glorify a kid if you will definitely be killed. in a rare interview with western media syrian president bashar al assad lashed out at
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washington for supporting what he calls terrorist gangs in order to break up the state the president was speaking ahead of talks with the un's international envoy to syria kofi annan who is now in damascus and continues his mission to bring peace to syria despite admitting that previous efforts and failed parties may financial has more. commenting on why the international peace efforts haven't succeeded so far u.n. and arab league special envoy to syria has retreated that success absolute of the plans on all parties been involved in this conflict and the syrian crises should be and could only be resolved through dollar when the geneva peace initiative just like other international peace plans is teamwork and it is absolutely unacceptable and not at all constructive to blame on only one side he has signed that this has been a lot of talks about russia while little is said about nations still sending money and weapons to the syrian rebels kofi annan has mostly been talking about friends
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of syria group that accused russia and china of supporting the syrian regime and of hampering peace process here in syria even threatening that these two nations will pay a price kofi annan has said that iran could not be excluded of the peace process and should be part of the dialogue something america has been strongly opposed to syria is in war right now we've just returned from homes in the central part of the country and this is a really sad picture of what we saw here's my report from homes. in. these parts of hundreds maybe back on the syrian army control with their patrols never stop soldiers are searching house to house they're looking for terrorists or snipers but that's not what they usually find. some people in their homes became their grades too and this room look human bones but at least one person. who seems to have been burnt to death. in the next house we find three
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more charts call's. activists claim up to eight hundred thousand people have been killed since the uprising began sixteen months ago the u.n. estimates around ten thousand we have no way of telling if these remains or others like them were even counted at all. by bomber used to be home to one hundred thousand people now we're driving through area people have left military almost the only human beings left in this area this is he you can see behind me the city cemetery almost untouched actually while the rest of the city looks completely like the cemetery buildings schools mosques all in ruins and no sign of life while many signs of this is one of the tallest buildings in the area and we can see from this balcony two completely different pictures two completely different realities look there beautiful pictures peaceful city while over there well we
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can see war homes the opposition hotbed has always been at the heart of the uprising against president assad is a weirdo bomb that if you could have been the epicenter of the questions between the rebels and the army since it's been shelled heavily now so you can see it's quiet here but just steps away just meters away and not. some time here and this is where the things are happening right now it's standing behind these rays strange rays quite safe but from time to time missiles reach this area to this is why would a hurry up. but with the bar and other homes the district as you can see also almost completely destroyed everything shops buildings schools even mosques we were told that this district was cleaned from turkey months ago but as you can hear not far from here questions still continue so we were actually told not to go any further i just simply dangerous soldiers come to our location and tell us the
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rebels woke up so we leave. homs syria. the deadline for julian assange extradition to sweden as ordered by britain's highest court expired this saturday the whistleblower remains at the ecuadorian embassy in london where british police have no jurisdiction he is currently awaiting a decision on his asylum request to the south american country but shortly before he sought refuge there assad completed his interview series right here on r.t. laura smith has been looking back at the highlights. i'm julian assange. it is true he reeks where they expose the world secrets these jackets belong the united states government being attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemn this question quite evil for what it promised an insight into the world tomorrow judy and i saw and interviewed opinion formers and activists from across the political spectrum. claim
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and with the first guest being hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah the program proved it wasn't going to hold back from the get go talking to a man the mainstream media has ignored for six years what we called for in serious negotiations dialogue and said that reform at their own is going to be carried out because the alternative to that no one cause of the diversities i was inside syria because of the sensitivity of the situation in syria the alternatives to which they need to civil war and this is exactly what america and israel want for syria elsewhere the joined up europe project came under fire from david horowitz in a show that pitted the outspoken right winger against radical leftists. the age old ideological fight threatened to turn physical had they been in the same room horowitz maintains europe is dead agrees oh it was a disastrous spirit europe but europe is
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a cultural theme park it's significant that's what happened that's what your welfare state that just took you out of the pie i have had personal experience with a socialist dream paradise of sweden and i can tell you it is nothing like the other party. the global politics sea change also made waves but two more on the guest list the eminent thinkers tariq ali and noam chomsky the world protest movement showing modern politics are no longer fit for purpose to them the answer could lie in latin america in bolivia you mentioned a couple of times one of the most striking things that's happened there is the most repressed part of the population of the hemisphere the indigenous population has moved into the political arena i want to know i am not defending it i think he is a dirtbag i think he is a dirtbag he obviously has no problem using his fifteen minutes of fame to sleep
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with anyone who is crawling dividing media opinion but getting real people talking today in a soldier's show hit the ground running and the public on the twitter sphere have an appetite for more nothing short of groundbreaking revolutionary broadcasting highly engaged in one significantly represents to five the times i'll miss it. but looking forward to season two of july in a sound show. but there's no guarantee season two can happen and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot a shot of this guy would have one forcing of a story and nobody would know who is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life the feeling is mounting that the u.s. would indeed prosecute julian ourselves for westby a notch or worse given half a chance he's currently here at the ecuadorian embassy inducted waiting to hear
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whether he'll get asylum that it's thought that prospect was first raised off mike during his interview with the ecuadorian president for the show broadcast on r.t. mutual admiration is clear in the interview and it ends on a friendly but chilling note as he. is really a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way and we welcome to the club of the persecuted. thank you. thank you thank you to. us associates given us a glimpse into the future shape of the world we live in while his own future hangs precariously in the balance laura smith london. well despite its editor's plight with the leaks remains firm in its decision to publish the so-called syrian files the secret spilling group has started to release more than two million e-mails exposing international companies interests and dealings in syria as well as the
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government's inner workings initial wires released show that an italian company supplied assad's government with cutting edge communication equipment as recently as february the online group promised even more damning revelations to come the amount of information is expected to dwarf that of wiki leaks infamous u.s. diplomatic cables jesselyn radek from the government accountability project says the fact that the syrian files are making headlines despite the criticism against julian assange and wiki leaks proves the group's significance if these leaks were meaningless fluff or not in the public interest in knowing cared no one would report on them and they would see julian assange djoser crackpot and no one would pay any attention to it the fact that they're being reported on inherently shows their worth despite the fact that credit card companies that choked off financial support to wiki leaks and that he is holed up in the embassy this organization is
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continuing to function which is a testament to the viability of weekly leaks as an organization especially at this time and i find all of this is very interesting because it shows number one week the leaks is alive and well despite the best efforts of so many countries to shut it down and number two that as much as the mainstream media wants to distance itself from wiki leaks the syria files are the front page of every major newspaper in the world right now. the u.s. japan germany and of u.k. are among countries who have pledged sixteen billion dollars in aid to afghanistan to secure the country's future after foreign troops leave in twenty four team comes amid reports that six nato soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in the east of the country on saturday u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton named afghanistan as a major non nato ally medea benjamin is an anti-war activist and says there's no guarantee the money will be put to good use but naming afghanistan and me not nato
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ally puts it in a category with israel in japan which allows afghanistan to have special preferences when it comes to buying military equipment and being involved in training that nato organizes so it keeps afghanistan within the nato orbit for many years to come i think in terms of the money that was pledged it really is is not different from the money that has been given to afghanistan in the past unfortunately it is much less then the amounts of money that have been spent on the military and given the corruption that exists in afghanistan there's no guarantee that this money will be well spent. now look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour. egypt's military council is to hold an emergency session after a new president mohamed morsi ordered the country's parliament to reconvene
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a month after it was dissolved he reversed the original decision made by the venn ruling generals based on a court judgment over alleged faults in the election process he has also called for parliamentary elections to be held within sixty days of a new constitution being approved expected later this year you know terri handed power to morsi at the end of june. thousands are streaming towards pakistan's capital in a march against the government's decision to reopen nato supply routes they were shot last november after a u.s. airstrike that killed twenty four pakistani troops but reopened last week after america apologized for the incident first convoys crossed into afghanistan on thursday. a brief recap of the top stories here on r t in just a few moments stay with us.
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